I’ll start with the color of the scene, a dingy, dull blue-green. I hover over the ledge of a bridge watching the abysmal black hole below, stretching into new dimensions. Its 3am and the streets are bare. I’m sure whatsherface felt bad she had to leave me to wander all on my lonesome. I’m convinced she would’ve invited me to her apartment but her boyfriend doesn’t like any other black people besides her. I figured he grew up a Nazi, but he looks like Kurt Cobain.

I have nowhere to go, so I start thinking about lost loves while I stare out at the edge of the horizon, and all is foggy, black, still. No streetlights here, just the occasional headlights zooming by going places. If only this moment could be bottled up and used when my life’s daily chaos erupts. I would label it serenity on a jar,  and keep it in my backpack.

Frogs, ducks and critters start their partying at this hour. They frolic and sing and discuss the evils that have been done to them. By the time I get on the wetland path the mating rituals begin. Groans and croaks of sultry frequencies echo throughout the still night and I walk, slow, steady, and melancholy. A muse in this cycle of life. I sigh and watch my cold breath dance around the sylphs of wind, ‘If he could get me to howl like these animals here I would be wholly satisfied. Only souls in eternal love could create a ritual so beautiful that even the Sun & Moon are envious’.          

               Branches and bushes caress me as I am guided by the footsteps of spirits that walked this land ages ago. I am feeling a sudden connection between the animals, ancestors, and the Earth. From the moment a star is born into the sky , our soul’s flame ignites and builds until one day it falls and incarnates on Earth. Lifetimes are spent searching for a meaning. By eventual cleansing of Karma and Ego the purpose is fulfilled and it transcends into the unknown..

And there is an immense light, it’s glow takes you across a bridge with grand crystal arches, surrounded by nebulas and stardust. Iridescent gates open before you as the most beautiful music played by instruments not yet heard on Earth rings loud and high in praise. Ascended masters congratulate and honor you for all the service you have done for  the lives of others. A life lived for the world is later rewarded with ultimate truth and immortality.

All these thoughts come to me, in the land where saltwater meets freshwater. The sky begins to turn light pink, and  then orange as the sun peaks out over ice-capped mountains behind thick, white, clouds. Birds emerge from the shadows of the wetlands flying towards the welcoming sun.

I smile.

I am home.


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