One Sentence Stories Part 1

A quick easy way to get out the random moments and scenes I create in my head.

Just because you are reading my words, does not mean I am alive at the end of this sentence.

I watched the sunrise underneath the window shade, the wind rocked the light and shadow back and fourth in a dance and the sound of his breathing left me paralyzed.

Didn’t go, wished he did.

He decided he did not want to go that night; went to sleep wishing he had.

She ran down the street yelling, “This is my horse!” shattering the silence of coastal suburbia.

The park was empty, she sat underneath a tree and cried while it reached out its massive branches and hugged her.

“Mmm…sex, is a fuzzy blanket,” she giggled playfully while she wrapped her fuzzy blanket-wrapped arms around me.

If there was even a moment when she decided to do it again, she began to dance instead.

The last piece to the puzzle was missing, and they had spent all their years searching.

He finally opened his eyes to realize the truth, but it was too late.

I always wanted to be a muse, but I never thought I would end up like this.

We finally got to the highest possible peak, it was impossible to descend.

The man told me not to come, and he made a bad mistake at that.

“The best place to be when your not  in your head, is in someone else’s”, he flashed a charismatic grin that made my bones shudder.

The room had linoleum tiled floors,  lined with metallic molding and a red paint, and I felt like I had walked onto a movie set.

A stranger sat down next to me at the bus stop, I left Bo’s house this morning.

A stroke of the dingy maple grandfather clock rang through the once booming halls of the abandoned ballroom.

That night she took her first bath without suds, she had become a woman.


2 responses to “One Sentence Stories Part 1

  1. Love it. Les is mor!


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