Pan African Film Fest 2014

DSC_0030Another year at the PAFF in Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw Mall Los Angeles. It will be running until February 17th and one of the last few black african cultural festivals that are still running. This festival features over 50 films directed by not only Black and African Film makers but also filmmakers from other parts of the world that bridge gaps of African culture that has spread throughout. There is also a wide range of arts and afrocentric fashions as well as history in the mall itself during the ArtFest. Its a great way for people of all ages and backgrounds to gain a tremendous amount of exposure to the African culture and History. Being able to connect and speak with the vendors and artists who use their mediums to proudly share their experience.

DSC_0019I’ve always been exposed to the festival vendor experience through my mother who is a Fashion Designer and Jeweler from Togo West Africa. Her handmade hats and jewelry have become a popular attraction at the festival over time. Women are drawn to her hats because of their uniqueness and vibrance. They are women who have an inner urge and desire to stand out and be different. At first many are reluctant to try but my mom is such a persuasive, charismatic Leo, that she gets them to try some. Its amazing to see them light up with this glow from within when they see themselves. They feel beautiful. That is the reason my mom is so successful and inspirational to me. She puts her heart and soul into her art and others get to actually experience and feel it when they wear it.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles, please do stop by the festival and check out all that the African culture has to offer!



One response to “Pan African Film Fest 2014

  1. slater akouavi

    Thank you love …love and b blessing


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