Emotional Fast Day 3


    Today with the moon in Gemini I feel a calling to speak with my Ancestors and Angels. The first day of this fast went by so easy I was naive to think it’d go by so smooth. Yesterday started out with me attempting to numb out negative emotion completely with got me to reevaluate what exactly an emotional fast means to me. Its not just about not being negative. Because numbing out the feelings completely make it harder to deal with. Its about awareness. Over standing that negative emotion and where it comes from in order to give yourself encouragement and loving support to let go of illusions built in our minds. So now, its been a bit more challenging to say the least. Its not about being happy high all the time. But just finding peace and tranquility and choosing happiness and love over all.

So I decided id make it all easier for myself by writing down everything that comes up, getting to the root of  negative emotions, and I made a pinterest board of affirmations and posture building techniques to go through.

Follow Kine Fall’s board Positivity and Posture Fast on Pinterest.

Hope all of you are encouraging yourselves to stick through these next 37 days and rise to meet your highest potential!


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