Knee Deep In IT : Emotional Fast Day 4

Four  is a number of foundation, maybe that is why today was the hardest thus far. I live in an area where, as I become more aware … is filled with dark energies and entities that enjoy to feed off the negative emotions of the people in this apartment building. My boyfriend has confirmed to me that some very messed up things happened here. Although I smudge many times a day it feels like they find a way in. This emotional fast is a bit more challenging being in a situation where I am living with my lover at the same time. But it is also very rewarding and strengthening to our love. This man has seen me in my worst moments and had to courage and unconditional love to help me battle away the dark entities that no longer are welcome in my domain. Today I really got into a downward spiral, allowing little things to spoil my happiness but I also grew more aware of deep wounds that I had been covering up since I was a young toddler. Its amazing how it all resurfaces when you set that intention of dealing with these things. I am just so grateful to have the most powerful and amazing people in and around my life who bring me guidance hope and love.  This fast I am being tested just as Yeshua was in the Desert. I will come out of this brighter and stronger and full of light!

Letting go of these thought patterns:

When I see a group or person living their life the way that I see myself living mine, I am happy for them and happy for myself being exactly where I need to be. I do not compare my life to the lives of others.

When things do not go my way, It gives me room to try something new and different and not get upset at what I cannot control.

If I am feeling like shutting down during an argument, I will be sure to communicate my feelings and also be conscious of the feelings of the other party and find compassion through the negative emotions.

I no longer allow any entities or parasites to feed on my negative emotions and bring me into a downward spiral. I am aware of the energies at play around me, and I choose to find power within.

The posture part is working out pretty well! I danced this afternoon and felt amazing and free and did some back stretches. Parts of my shoulders and back are sore, getting back into proper alignment. Through and Through



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