Day Something Or Other Into Emotional Fast

So far things have been going good! I was sick with a cold that I am pretty much over. Not so say my immune system is done fighting… Still sniffly. But I’ve gathered strength. Im no longer in vege-state. So far I feel so amazing. Stronger.

I am noticing way more synchronicity. Being tuned into 5D is pretty cool but also daunting. I feel like my spiritual path needs a foundation. Looking to join some kind of order.

But really I feel like there is something big coming, and I am encouraging myself every step of the way.
Focused on not putting myself down…

Yesterday I drew the Queen Of  Swords Reversed
Really gave me insight on what to focus on to reach my spiritual goals.

Going from the mind, to the heart.
In all matters.

The heart must lead.
Letting go.



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