Embracing The Darkness

I made it through, and return with more light and clarity.
I am grateful for that dark depressing shadow that lives within me.
Its needed.

Part of this emotional fast has had me realize that you cannot always be positive and happy,
but that is okay…
It’s putting yourself down for having a dark or negative thought that gets you stuck in that downward spiral.
Then its harder to get out…
But the harder it becomes
the brighter your light shines to breakthrough.

I am so grateful to be living with my soul mate.
He shows me the true meaning of unconditional love.

He has seen me at my absolute worst.
And loved me harder.
He has fought with my demons
and shown me the strength to fight them myself.

Love is a battlefield,
no masks no armor.

Its raw, passionate, and true.

This emotional fast as I walk the very same desert that Yeshua did
I am embracing the darkness
conquering my demons
making them my ally
and emanating

I feel stronger,
prepared to face the demons of the world
and never again shall I put myself down or criticize my darkness.
Its a blessing.


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