Why William Blake is My Favorite Artist

My intuition had been begging me to read this book I have about the life of my favorite artist William Blake. The chapters I read started with a complete description of a time he had been arrested for cursing out this one guy and almost beating him to death! It was awesome. It then proceeded to describe his court case regarding the matter. I was laughing my ass of and i wish I could rewrite that whole passage here to illustrate the absurdity of Law in London. He plead not guilty and won 🙂

Later on It talks about how he would converse with spirits of other dimensions freely and was not afraid to speak out on this despite his adversaries.

As Im reading this, its 3am or so and I could see flashes of light whizzing past me, and then I swear it was like I was visualizing everything I was reading like I was entering this dimension that Blake spoke of seeing. I could see a tree right in front of me and the light of the sun shining through it!

“After a year of new life he wrote to Butts in September 1801: ‘ I accomplish not one half of what I intend, because my abstract folly hurries me often away while I am at work, carrying me over mountains and valleys, which are not real, into a land of abstraction where spectres of the dead wander. This I endeavor to prevent; I, with my whole might, chain my feet to the world of duty and reality. But in vain! the faster I bind, the better is the ballast; for I so far from being bound down, take the world with me in my flights, and often it seems lighter than a ball of wool rolled by the wind… Alas! wretched, happy, ineffectual labourer of Time’s moments that I am! Who shall deliver me from this spirit of abstraction and improvidence?’

“I am not ashamed, afraid, or averse to tell you what ought to be told: that I am under the direction of messengers from heaven, daily and nightly. , But the nature of such things is not, as some suppose, without trouble and care. . . . If we fear to do the tasks set before us; if we refuse to do spiritual acts because of natural fears or natural desires, who can describe the dismal torments of such a state! . . . If you, who are organized by divine providence for spiritual communion, refuse, and bury your talent in the earth, even though you should want natural bread, sorrow, and desperation pursue you through life, and after death shame and confusion of face to eternity. “

I am feeling exactly this today in my life, having trouble finding foundation and grounding to the mundane tasks of this reality when there are so many more spectacular things going on in other realms!


2 responses to “Why William Blake is My Favorite Artist

  1. Great post — thanks for sharing! 🙂 Thought you might be interested in my online graphic novel The Poet and the Flea about William Blake: http://thepoetandtheflea.wordpress.com Best regards, G. E.


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