Ancient Futuristic By E. Badu

I wanted to post this poem because it reflects exactly how I have been feeling at my new workplace. I am now a salesperson and apprentice of a Jeweler, but not any ordinary jeweler. My teacher Mr. Salaam is a wise teacher who brings the truth to our sleepy community through the art of jewels. In the past, our showroom was a grand workshop in KMT that made Lapiz Lazuli, Turquoise and precious stone jewelry for the people of KMT. All of my employees were priestesses and goddesses, that embodied the essence of the jewels and their energies. Bringing down the light of Rah to the people through jewelry and headdresses.

Everyday I walk into work, and see our trademark slogan “Jewelry that tells a story” I feel the energy from all the carefully selected stones that are adorned in beautifully charged settings. Symbols like the Ankh, the Eye of Heru, Ohm, The star of david, and Gye Nyame bring the essence of the path of adepts and Ascended masters that guide me, so I know that I have been introduced to this place for a greater purpose. Education, Service, and Integrity are what we stand for at Jendayi Collection. I am not merely selling jewelry, but bringing light into the lives of the people who are fascinated by quality design and the power of crystals.


Lapis Ankh Ring Lapis Double Sided Ankh Ring 14k. Yellow Gold Beautiful Lapis from Afghanistan Engraving Available. Egyptian Symbol: Ankh. Band Width: Approx 9mm. Item# GDSTR61

I am an alchemist.
I combine and cook up metals and crystals
on a blue-flame stove top
and weigh it on the scales of MAAT. (Balance)
There are scientists who work with me in the LAB
to serve up this dope matter from my mind.
Amulets & talismans.
Metal cake.
—E. Badu

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