Ormus Video Journal

In this video, I am speaking a bit on my personal journey with Ormus. I have been taking weekly, and daily breaks in between Ormus intake to fully integrate the new higher frequencies and energies into my body as smoothly as possible. I have since become extremely aware. That is the best way to describe this clearheaded & supercharged feeling.

What is Ormus?
Ormus, also known as ORMEs, m-state elements, white powder gold or the Philosopher’s Stone, was discovered in 1975 by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson.

When we look back at the histories and legends of ancient times we find many mysteries and puzzles that are still waiting to be solved. Many of these ancient puzzles involved a mysterious material which had magical properties. The ancient alchemists of China, Israel, India, Egypt and Persia spoke of such substances. They called them Soma, the Elixir of Life, Chi, Manna, Prana, the Philosophers Stone, Shewbread, & King Solomon’s gold.






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