Trinity Music Project

I am so excited to be making music with my soul mate. I have only dreamed of the moments when I’d be apart of a band. Its frustrating at times but the reward is immense. Those who are drawn to our music will benefit from the messages therein. We have realized the divine purpose that we have placed on ourselves in this incarnation. It is to aid fellow Starseeds in bringing light into the planet. There are so many higher frequencies attempting to get through to many of our multidimensional brothers and sisters at this time. As we unplug ourselves, so too they are closer to unplugging themselves. No one can force change upon another. In healing ourselves, so too we shall heal the world.

I have just began to let go of my timid nature, and realize it is a fallacy. I am a spirit unbound. Its my duty to share that which  fuels my creativity. Expression is a divine gift! I am no longer shutting it out.

Check out our first single “Limitless” here:

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