Mystic Muse

“Kine! What happened?!” 
“You used to create way more than you do, where is your mind??”

My inner dialogue had gone on that way for a couple months until I did something about it.  I pushed myself back into another niche of my artistic passion. I realized that even though I always give myself shit, I shouldn’t. Because everyday I am creating SOMETHING.

Often we do that, we forget our achievements. Even the minuscule ones. Like balancing all of your artistic pursuits efficiently. *Pats myself on the back*

There is something really fun and magical about creating images. Images capture moments, but when you stage a shoot… you are capturing a moment in your own mind.

DSC_0271(1    DSC_0282(1



DSC_0291(1 DSC_0293(1 DSC_0297(1 DSC_02769(1


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