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One Sentence Stories

A quick easy way to get out the random moments and scenes I create in my head.

  • Just because you are reading my words, does not mean I am alive at the end of this sentence.
  • I watched the sunrise underneath the window shade, the wind rocked the light and shadow back and forth and the sound of his breathing left me paralyzed.
  • Didn’t go, wished he did.
  • He decided he did not want to go that night; went to sleep wishing he had.
  • She ran down the street yelling, “This is my horse!” shattering the silence of coastal suburbia.
  • The park was empty, she sat underneath a tree and cried while it reached out its massive branches and hugged her.
  • “Mmm…sex, is a fuzzy blanket,” she giggled playfully while she wrapped her fuzzy blanket-wrapped arms around me.
  • If there was even a moment when she decided to do it again, she began to dance instead.
  • The last piece to the puzzle was missing, and they had spent all their years searching.
  • He finally opened his eyes to realize the truth, but it was too late.
  • I always wanted to be a muse, but I never thought I would end up like this.
  • We finally got to the highest possible peak, it was impossible to descend.
  • The man told me not to come, and he made a bad mistake at that.
  • “The best place to be when your not in your head, is in someone else’s”, he flashed a charismatic grin that made my bones shudder.
  • The room had linoleum tiled floors,  lined with metallic molding and red paint, and I felt like I had walked onto a movie set.
  • A stranger sat down next to me at the bus stop, I left Bo’s house this morning.
  • A stroke of the dingy maple grandfather clock rang through the once-booming halls of the abandoned ballroom.
  • That night she took her first bath without suds, she had become a woman.
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