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Our Trip To The Moon

Last night, we took a trip to the moon. It’s difficult to describe, but try and open your mind… remember.

Whenever the tips of our fingers touched, little sparks of light would shoot out and travel throughout our bodies… Goosebumps sent shivers up our spines. And whenever we looked into each others left eye, we could travel through time, make it slow down or speed up as much as we pleased.

Last night, we kissed for the first time and in an instant we were dancing in newly formed Nebulas. Like the big bang, it was terribly imperfect. But in that imperfection we became one. In that imperfect moment, our laughter echoed throughout the cosmos like a rippling wave that follows the sailboat. Our happiness was heard in planets inhabited by compassionate beings, and a message was sent down to Earth.

That message came, while I was wrapped in your arms looking up at your ceiling fan, it was spinning slower and slower every time our eyes met.

The grandfather clock’s pendulum swung and with every passing created reflections of itself threefold. The dim light on your side table flickered and you whispered in my ear,

“ You are a very special person”. Then suddenly,


A bright blazing orb fell out of the sky, and exploded into your backyard, sending a great big cloud of purple haze up into the sky. We trembled and screamed… but only for a few moments before running out to take a peak.

“What is that?” A star, surely I thought.

“It looks like a… I don’t know” You scratched your long kinked hair as I peered out from behind you.

It looked like a giant coal, still emanating amber light around it. The ground was torn apart underneath and trunks of the oldest tree on the block could be seen, crystalizing in the ground. The black orb began to crack as it cooled. We backed up cautiously as it broke open through the middle, and inside of the orb lay a silver box with etchings and symbols all over it. This silver box glowed from within and throughout, with a full spectrum of colors. Tiny orbs of light lifted up from the center and began to dance around, circling and floating in formations. I held your hand tightly, your palms were hot and sweaty like mine. We were in a trance as we watched, our mouths were gaping wide open. Finally these tiny celestial beings created a map of the universe before our eyes, and their voices sung out.

Love is a scarce resource here on your planet, without it the human race will surely die. You must know in your hearts what is true when you see it. Understand this and together you can alter the fate of your planet. God is all around you, and his love can be seen through your unity. Take a trip away from your planet and see for yourselves what we see. The colors that emanate from your planet are mostly dark… but in some areas there are strands of divine light that are fighting to be seen. We have seen yours, and so we come now to show you the way.”

My heart nearly jumped from my chest, and I could feel yours beating through your arm. We did not speak, but we understood what this meant. I did not have to tell you I loved you that night because it was obvious you loved me too. The words did not matter as much as knowing it. The celestial beings then flew around the entire surface of the grassy lawn and the hole vanished, along with all the debris. All that was left was the silver box, and as they all vanished it opened simultaneously. We did not hesitate to look inside, I knelt on the grass next to you in my white dress and together we pulled out two chains with glowing blue crystal pendants dangling from them, I put on yours and you put on mine and we sealed this moment with a kiss.

The pendants created a field of blue light around us and lifted our bodies high into the sky, but our eyes remained focused on each other, and you whispered,

“Don’t look down.” That grin on your face reminded me of a dream. I knew this same moment so well. I had lived it before.

A flash of light carried us to the moon last night, and when we got there the silence greeted us so warmly. The darkness could not fight against the glow of the powdered surface that carried our bodies. Our clothes were lost in the ascent and  I slid my hands across your bare chest, your hands slid across my bare breasts and we stood there caressing. Time ceased to exist, but I could see your face maturing and your hair growing. On the moon we made love, climbed the edges of craters, made music and danced.

Our last moments were spent staring down at Earth, a thick dark cloud floating around it, and from the continents streaks of light would turn on and off, pulsating at every moment. Some streaks never turned on again. Others would get brighter each time.

I noticed one streak of light never pulsated, it looked like it came from the center of the earth. I pointed to it, and you nodded. You knew exactly what I was thinking without me having to say it. At that moment you and I knew our mission and when we returned home, I was sure that we could do it.

Only, God sent us back in different bodies. And now I must find you again. You are somewhere close, and I can feel you. When I look into your eyes again, I will know it is you. Come and find me, I am waiting for you.

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