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Seeker's Diary

4D Energy Healing

Energy, frequency, and vibration make up the world around us. Every living being has a spir...

Waxing Gibbous Reflections

Lately, my personal vibration has been steady rising and I want my people up here with me, ...

Meditation & Healing With The Voices W/ Afimaye Galarraga

  IG: @afimayegalarraga[/caption] Last night I was called to partake in the meditation cla...

First Volume Of "Life and Times Of An Indigo Dreamer", Now Available!

Its called, "The Dust of Yesterdays" and it took me damn near two years to complete. I tau...

Psychic Ferns Vocalist

I am now proudly a vocalist for this sweet vibey psych-rock band. We're new excited about o...

Save The Earth: Use A Bucket!

In Africa, water conservation is a natural gift and talent.That is not to say there isn’t r...

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