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Collectivus-Post-1.jpgWe are currently in the process of a major planetary shift. In my active work over the last 10 years, i’ve uncovered my purpose in this shift is to hold space and build empowerment within my soul group network of Indigos, Crystal children, Rainbow Children,, and Starseeds. We are empaths. Sensitive and powerful, creative and psychic. It is my duty to continue the great work and spread truth, knowledge, and healing through the arts and the various healing modalities I have been taught by elders and masters before me.  I’ll be sharing more information throughout my online network so keep an eye out and always feel free to contact me! It is my humble honor to have your support in this endeavor as we make this shift. As above, so below, and so it is.

Check out some of this vital information for psychic protection and regeneration and some of what “The Great Work” means to me.

Shielding and Grounding

Channeling Technique for Creativity Boost

The Great Work: Building A Quantum Pyramid

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