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Waxing Gibbous Reflections

DSC_0087Lately, my personal vibration has been steady rising and I want my people up here with me, riding the wave of limitless inner wisdom, surfing the seas of spiritual tranquility. The moon is currently in a waxing gibbous phase, which means it’s time to fine tune the dreams and wishes you’ve sent out during the new moon. A quick note to inspire some fine tuning to your intention.

Embrace your emotions. We are trained to stifle them early on, & that’s the real war. Keep close to your inner child. That part of you that knew before anyone told them differently, the kind of life they were going to lead. Before we got programmed to follow someone else’s script, we knew our plan and purpose. No matter how crazy it seemed we knew it was meant to be. Where did it get lost? Soul retrieval is a great way to return to that source and heal. You can also get in touch with your guides or work with crystals like Lemurian quartz, Tibetan quartz, or celestite. Meditation and imagination are key to working with all your spiritual tools. Keeping in tune with your inner “mini-me” is key to self-mastery.

Your soul’s deepest desire must be acknowledged. The thing we fear most and get sensitive about. The things we are ashamed to admit we’ve always wanted to achieve. Those are our keys to living our best lives and manifesting true abundance.


On_Meditation & Healing With The Voices W/ Afimaye Galarraga

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Last night I was called to partake in the meditation class held by Afimaye at The House of Intuition in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Just a week before, two people had just offered me guidance because of a profound presence they felt was hovering strongly above my aura. Complete strangers could see it, and feel it. As they described this ancestor that was standing with me I felt a tremendous fiery heat come upon my body. Yes, this presence was real… and needed my attention now more than ever.

Elegua is the Orisha that sits above my head. With spicy ray he informed me, I absolutely needed to attend the meditation class held by Afi on Tuesday evening.

You will regret it if you don’t go tonight,” Elegua said to me.

Elegua opened all the roads and made sure I would be off work, have enough money, and get there on time (Truly a miracle for my old, lazy self!). I sat amongst a group of people from various backgrounds and belief systems, and I felt the oneness and unity that is universal truth and law. Afimaye introduced himself and his non-traditional ways of meditation, explained to us that no matter what you believe you could still benefit and heal through the meditation with your personal guides. The theme of the meditation was healing all the parts of our lives in disarray through the Yoruba deity called Elegua. He is an opener of roads, and guardian of crossroads who helps those who feel lost or need some kind of direction in their lives. By the end of the hour we would step into a new empowered-self, ready to take on the New Year with courage.

It began with all of us getting into the relaxed, deep meditative state. As Afi spoke to us all, he said things that resonated with specific people. Things that they would need to pay attention to in order to complete their healing. Everyone in the circle sent healing energy towards those messages that did not necessarily resonate with them, knowing that someone in the room was receiving that healing. I myself resonated with more than one message.

 Finish projects that you start.

Stand in your power

Do not allow your fear of scrutiny from others hinder your progress.

So many great messages that were being channeled by Afi so clearly  in a way that we all needed to hear it.

It’s time to take action.

It’s time to take a stand for what you truly desire and make it happen.

As he lit the Red and Black Elegua candle, everyone set their intention of something they want to manifest and take action on from then on. I could feel Elegua there even before it was lit…. but after the flame went up, I felt a dog’s energy come running in between each of us sitting there. Afi sent us to our safest place and I went somewhere in the jungles of Africa, Elegua called me to a crossroads there. He sat in front of me on a large boulder and his dog came next to me and put his head on my lap.Elegua and I talked. He stared deep into my eyes and blew cigar smoke onto me. My body shuddered and I felt the urge to sway… shortly after I heard Afi say

“I can sense tension in some of you in the room, move if you feel the need…” or something like that…

So I swayed, as Afi continued to deliver guidance on things some of us needed to let go and heal from. There were many different obstacles that in turn, unified us. It was a reminder, that everyone is going through something equally as difficult as the next person and we can always offer healing vibes to each other. Then came the chants sung by Afimaye. It was my first time ever taking a class by him or hearing him sing. He sounded otherworldly, like his higher self was singing through him.

Yes, voices did fill the room… but they were not our voices. They were the ancestor’s voices, singing through Afimaye. He sang, and the harmonious vibrations woke my old lazy complacent self to come out. And then the smell of the room changed, it reminded me of my childhood. He then began to heal us all, went around to each one of us and cleansed away our worries. My lazy complacent self died away and Elegua swept it off the crossroads. Elegua blew more cigar smoke at me and told me of what I must do. Three things I have to begin to truly embody the Lioness that I am. Elegua, higher self & Afimaye’s healing through the voices, gave me the strength I need to complete them.

We were then called back to the room and everyone shared what they experienced with each other. Adunola The Oracle, Afi’s wife who was amongst those that attended the mediation, recieved two messages that she was asked to share with all of us. They stuck with me and I feel all my peers could heal with this guidance so I’m sharing them again here.

They told her that many of us judge people based on what we see on the surface or based on our past experiences with others we associate with them and that we mustn’t do so anymore because sometimes doing so can cut us off from wonderful opportunities. She also had another piece of guidance which was that if you try a road and hit a dead end, and hit many dead ends then maybe you have to rethink the main goal and whether it is truly good for you.

If you ever feel called by a deity to work with them, do it. They have wisdom beyond this time and space. If you respect and learn from them, they can help you through any of the mundane hardships of this world. I am ever grateful for Afimaye, the music and the healing and guidance he offers through the House of intuition.

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Ase’ Elegua!

First Volume Of “Life and Times Of An Indigo Dreamer”, Now Available!


Its called, “The Dust of Yesterdays” and it took me damn near two years to complete. I taught myself how to use adobe illustrator, indesign, and studied the in’s and out’s of self-publishing to pull it off. I’d say the easiest part of this whole series was writing 250+ poems on love, spirituality, life, and the unseen.

Summer of 2015, a lot changed for me and for my best friend. Back then I was certain that I was ready to settle into the life of a madly in love couple who “is different from all the rest.” We sung that mantra to the mountaintops… as “The Kybalion”says, all truths are but half.

On the other side, everything in the collective consciousness continued its rapid transformation. Everyone spoke of the raging kundalini energy within the Divine Feminine that was the emerging zeitgeist. The wild woman who can not be tamed. Maybe it was living in a suburb cut off from my art, and all the things I loved for months that triggered her arrival within me. Being trapped in an example of what the future might look like for us who are “different from the rest.” I was depressed AF. Trying to fit into the status quo of happiness and bliss. Before I even heard of divine female anything I was in a complete opposite state. Downtrodden. Cut off from personal power. Hiding out behind my ugly ass GTA V avatar wreaking havoc on my fictional Los Angeles.

As soon as we broke free and returned to the hills of Hollywood, she rang. Her piercing cry called out to the heavens and a door opened. She went in and there was a man, a project, a trip, and a lesson.

Thus this series was born, to shed light upon the unseen force, feared far to long.

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Foxy Macaroon

A Funny Little Poem By Yours Truly



Snicker, Snicker
Roo Roo

Foxy Baby Loves Macaroons

Snicker Snicker
Roo Roo

Foxy baby’s got long gams too!

Pink, Green, Yellow, White
Macaroons what a delight!

Tie Up all these Buttons right
Strap those pumps and hold on tight!

Baby gets all dressed up to eat her favorite food

and so, we call her
Foxy Macaroon

Two Philosophers

The girls on high were too much with themselves.

“Shall we jump?”

They hold hands.

The sunsets between them, as they look onward
Future bound by the past.

“You’re too deep sometimes”

Hair breezes by their eyes,
A long, lengthy, sigh.

Makes you wonder how much air one can hold.

Arms go up
Feet by the edge

Makes you wonder how much wind one can break.

Lifting off,

Makes you wonder if it’s all a dream.




Emotional Fast Progress

It’s been a day or so feels like a few. I’m realizing how much I put myself down for no reason . Well I should say I used to because I have given up on being my own villain. On Sunday my uncle who was very active in getting me to Africa last summer, met with me about a prospective job and to talk about my future. It’s funny because the day before I wrote about foundations in a post and he gave me a full lecture on the importance. I believe he was commissioned by my mother to have this talk with me because I’ve heard it before. They are so worried that I am on the path of failing. At first in the moment of this lecture I thought I understood what he was telling me, that I am so generally talented In the arts that it will be hard to get anywhere unless in choose one to be my focus. That’s true and I agree however the part about joining the 50% of people who have higher success rate because they have a degree… Eh, not so much. I don’t believe going to college will help. I measure success by my happiness and motivation. At the moment I am doing my best and followings heart. Once I complete this inner work the outer falls into place. My uncle believes it’s the other way around, that we must conquer the physical and then the spiritual falls into place… There are so many systems of thought and none is right or wrong. We all have our own note to play.